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Being the third of a five generation showbusiness family, my career has always been involved with the creation of images for one kind of audience or another. My late father, who managed London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane, introduced me to photography having got me to take photographs of the family from when I was just able to hold a camera. He gave me my first camera, a Kodak Box Brownie, for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which I went to with the school.

On finishing formal education at 15 years old I started in television with Associated Television, a major UK network company, initially as a Post Boy then a Cameraman at ATV Elstree for many years. Later on in my television career I became a Lighting Director for Central Television before going freelance and now give Lighting & Camerawork tuition in the UK and abroad. At other times I have been a Theatre Lighting Designer, pop group manager, journalist and author.

Today I am mostly a photographer and operate predominantly in travel. I also shoot portraits in a classic Hollywood style, dance and music with images appearing continually in numerous online and in publications worldwide. I now amalgamate the various strands that have made up my career by creating videos with images, combining them with music and sound effects which are on YouTube and Vimeo.

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The majority of my work over the last two decades has been as a travel and documentary photographer visiting many countries around the world. At home in London I concentrate on studio portraits and product photography for online photo libraries.



Argentina Australia Brazil Brunei Canada Chile - Cook Islands Costa Rica - Cuba Curacao Cyprus Fiji - French Polynesia Greece - Hong Kong Iceland Japan Jordan - Korea Malaysia Malta - New Zealand Panama - Sabah Samoa Sarawak Taiwan Tenerife - Tonga - USA (California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming) Venezuela.

I am a full member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.



In London I have photographed the 'Flamenco Festival' at Sadlers Wells Theatre and 'Tango Fire' at the Peacock Theatre, both for publication in Dance Today magazine.

In London I have photographed students at the London Contemporary Dance School, in Japan at the Mitsuko Inao Ballet School in Kyoto and the Osaka University of Arts. Also in Kyoto I have photographed jazz and other bands at outdoor concerts, in clubs and other venues.

Dance and movement have always fascinated me; capturing a moving subject at the one crucial expressive moment that tells the story with a camera is exhilarating. My main dance collaboration has been with talented Hong Kong dancer, Muna Tseng, taking pictures of her during final rehearsals in several London theatres for a subsequent exhibition at The Place.

These dance images have been used in publications and online throughout the world.



I photograph clients in either contemporary softlight with daylight, or classic Hollywood style using tungsten lighting.

Most of my clients have been writers and people from the world of entertainment: Marian Babson - crime writer
Pauline Bailey - a 'Marilyn Monroe' look-a-like
Martin Connelly - character actor
Amanda Gleave - opera singer
Kazuko Hohki - cabaret performer
Debbie Jaffe - children's author
Audrey Leybourne - actress
Sarah J Mason - crime writer
Orla McFeeley - dance student
Olive Murray - opera singer
Miranda Seymour - biographer
Rika Shimizu - jazz saxophone player
Christopher Timothy - leading actor
Muna Tseng - choreographer/dancer



Solo UK Exhibitions
2014 "Kyoto city of dreams" in London at Mokspace Gallery
2009 "Geisha Dreams" in London at the Pro Lounge of Jacobs New Oxford Street
2005 "Images of Jordan" in London at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel
2003 "Images of Jordan" in London on their World Travel Market stand
2002 "Cook Islands - Heart of Polynesia" in London at Royal Commonwealth Society
2001 "People of Japan" in London as part of the Japan 2001 Festival
1999 "Tonga - Polynesia's Kingdom" in London at Royal Commonwealth Society
1997 "Taiwan Visions" in London of Taiwan at the Barbican Library
1996 "Gaijin's Eye" in Newbury of Japan at the Corn Exchange
1996 "Muna Tseng" in London of the Hong Kong dancer at The Place Theatre
1996 "Gaijin's Eye" in London of Japan at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
1988 "Traveller's Eye" in London of eighteen countries



2014 "Kyoto city of dreams" in Kyoto, Japan at Gallery Yuishin
2004 "Tonga - Polynesia's Kingdom" in Japan, at Art Zone Gallery, Naniwa Camera, Kyoto
2002 "Maiko and Geisha - A Hidden World", my impressions of the geisha world at the Foreign Correspondent's Club, Tokyo.
2001 "Maiko and Geisha - A Hidden World", exhibited a kilometre from where I took the pictures at Art Zone Gallery, Naniwa Camera, Kyoto.
2000 "Gaijin's Eye in Japan", twenty photos exhibited taken in 1990 through which I found eight connections back to then at c@feupstairs, Uwajima, Japan.



1998 "Bridges" Japan tour to ten venues as part of 'Festival UK 98'
1998 "Bridges" UK, Germany and Poland with Daiwa Foundation exhibitors
1991 "Eyes on Japan" in London with a potter



As a specialist in photography of Japan, in particular Kyoto, a selection of Fine Art Limited Edition prints of 50 in each size of my Kyoto image collection is available online from

Each print is signed and numbered and printed by specialist fine art printers Point 101 who are members of the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild. The prints are on archival paper guaranteed to last 200 years and are produced in London, England.

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