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I am currently taking portrait photographs for a joint book venture with Japan historian Suzanne Perrin which consists of interviews with interesting people who have formed cultural, academic and social links between the UK and Japan. This will be published in 2015.

Shooting "Sleeping Beauty" in Kyoto, 2004
The Contributors:
  Joji Hirota
Junko Kobayashi
Keiko Holmes OBE
Phillida Purvis MBE
Professor Ian Nish CBE
Robert Ketchell
Setsuo Kato
Sir Hugh Cortazzi GCMG
Professor Toshio Watanabe
Wiesa Cook-Bownas

international musician
international concert pianist
reconciliation and humanitarian work
scholar in international relations
designer of Japanese gardens
journalist and photographer
former British Ambassador in Tokyo
scholar and linguist

"Through The Viewfinder"  

My first book “Through the Viewfinder” is a highly opinionated look at how to operate a television camera. This is based on interviews with many people I have worked with; their views and opinions are a highly revealing portrait of what happens behind the scenes in television production from a cameraman’s point of view. Included are not just my own views on the ups and downs of camerawork but also those of producers, directors, actors and other people closely involved with picture creation for television.

This book is aimed at young cameramen and media students wanting to be truly professional but would be of interest to anyone who wants to know what goes on behind the cameras that bring so much into our homes.

Some of today's top working cameramen:
  Alan Beal
Mike Dugdale
Paul Freeman
Ian Keown
Jim O'Donnell

winner of two American Emmy Awards
from the Falklands War to Buckingham Palace
tales from "Survivor" to "Hells Kitchen"
from working on "Eastenders" to Premier League football
a DoP with style and panache

Retired cameramen whose stories contain so many words of wisdom that are 'gold dust':

Bill Brown
John Glenister
Dave Foster
Ron Francis
Christopher Fryman
Dick Hibberd
Dai Higgon
Helen Kingsbury

my mentor and a cameraman all his life
cameraman who became a director
cameraman who became a director
cameraman who became a director
cameraman in Canada and director in Japan
cameraman all his life
cameraman and production manager
the only female I worked with on cameras
  Martin Campbell
Glyn Edwards
Paul Harrison
"Green Lantern ", "Casino Royale", "Goldeneye", "Mask of Zorro"
"Tiswas", Family Fortunes", "Chish N'Fips"
"Your Mother Wouldn't Like It!", "Ballykissangel", "A Touch of Frost"
  Paul Annett
Martin Baker
"Muppet Christmas Carol"
Lighting Director:
  John Watt from "Armchair Theatre" to "The Price is Right!"
Production Designer:
  Tony Ferris from "The Muppet Show" to "Jose Carreras at The Dominion"
Vision Mixer:
  Carole Legg very reassuring to have vision mixing a show
Stars in front of the camera:
  Julie Andrews
Joanna Lumley
Christopher Timothy
"Mary Poppins", "The Sound of Music"
"Sapphire & Steel", "Absolutely Fabulous"
"All Creatures Great and Small", "Doctors"
  Michael Grade entertainment one-of-a-kind and former ITV supremo
  Entertainment Technology Press specialist publisher of theatre and television books
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